At Concept to Harvest, our goal is to provide first class opportunities to investors looking to get involved in the exciting and growing cannabis industry.

By creating strong relationships with fellow cannabusiness owners, we understand the needs as the industry comes out of the shadows and into the legalized world of business.

Our extensive experience in running a successful technology firm since 1995 AND building a cannabusiness from the ground up in 2016, gives us a unique and commanding position to understand the cannabis industry.

Like most of the best jungle guides, we've experienced the pitfalls and we've learned where most make the costly mistakes. Let us help you steer clear of the endless money pits.

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Concept to Harvest created a system to bring investors and qualified professional cannabusiness owners/growers together.

Many, from both the investment and growing sides, come into the cannabis industry undereducated and/or underfunded, leading to disappointing failure.

Concept to Harvest brings the proper funding, award winning cannabis cultivation, custom genetic creation, cost saving technologies and proven business practices to help our clients become more efficient and profitable.